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Default Re: Five New Practical Magic Spells

Originally Posted by luguvalium View Post
Do "germs" as we know them exist on Cidri? Germ Theory is only 150 years old on Earth before that diseases, fermentation, etc could have just as easily been explained as magic.
  1. Just because germ theory doesn't exist is no reason to think germs don't. Cidri is, as far as we can tell, meant to be in our universe. The laws of the universe are the same there as here, we just haven't discovered all of them.
  2. It's easy to forget that Cidri is not just a pseudo-mediaeval setting, it's also a post-apocalyptic one: heir to remnants of the learning of many alternate Earths, gathered by the Mnoren. Some of them had "space travel" - it's not clear what that means but at worst they were almost as technically advanced as we are. Clearly the Mnoren technology was much better than ours, and their science as well. A lot of that knowledge will have been lost, but the germ theory of disease is so useful I'm betting that at least Scholars and Physickers will know it.
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