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Default Re: Monster Hunters: Justice (OCC)

Originally Posted by Toptomcat View Post
I've been toying with the idea of a Tenshin Shōden Katori Shintō-ryū
guy with both martial-arts chops and limited Magery or Mysticism abilities, since the style is said to have originated in a vision from a god of thunder, fire and swordsmanship, and could easily involve instruction in magic as well as fighting in a MH universe.
Tall order! You'll have to pick a Style from Martial Arts or build one and submit it... I considered asking about an Ultimate Style! but I just assumed that wouldn't fly with our GM, as it's pretty over the top.

Ericthered: If I was wrong to assume that, and an Ultimate Style! (MA Pg. 144) isn't too over the top, I'd gladly pay the 20 point Style Familiarity (All) to switch to it (The caption describes that some Ultimate Styles could include weapons, and I'd be thrilled if it included some traditional weapons, even at some default value)

No offense Toptomcat, but I do have the first foot in the door of this particular niche...

Originally Posted by Toptomcat View Post
Might involve too much trampling on others' niches and violating the informal 'either Wildcards or cool powers' MH design rule, though, which is why I'm considering other concepts.
That's a good point I forgot to take into account when asking about a curse or Jiang Shi... That possibility is probably mutually exclusive with my Style! If so, human it is!
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