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Default Re: Using spells based on X gives unexpected modifiers

I don't know what the modifiers are intended to do, so I'll let that alone for now.

It looks like what you want, for spells based on Will, is indeed the Variant Magic 4e - Alt Attribute Will.gdf file, as its purpose is exactly that: to change all spells to be based on Will instead of IQ.

To use that file, you need to include it in your data set of loaded files. Go to the Data Sets tab of Options. That will show you what data set you're loading, and the files it includes.

Click the Change button to change to a different data set. At the top of the Data Sets window is the Available Data Sets list, and just above that is a little toolbar. Click the blank page icon for New Data Set. Type the name of your data set, such as Variant Will Magic. From the Available Data Files list, add all the ones you want to the Included Data Files list. Include Variant Magic 4e - Alt Attribute Will.gdf from the variants folder, and be sure it's loaded after Magic (and/or Fantasy). When you have all the files you want, click OK.

Then, click Load Now to actually load that new data set into GCA. You can create lots of various data sets but not load them, so you need to be sure you actually load the one you just made because you want it now.

Now, you should see all the Spells in the Available Spells lists will have Will/H or Will/VH types, and they'll be based on Will. If you are using an existing character, you'll want to delete their spells and add them again.

You shouldn't need any modifiers for this.
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