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This is part of the reason I abandoned RPM: having one RPM mage in the party meant that basically every PC had +3 to everything all the time. Tons of bookkeeping for all those buffs, and the overall effect was to make everyone blandly more powerful. I just didn’t see the gain. There’s an irony here where you’d think a “flexible” system would lead to more creativity, but it’s the restriction of having to choose from the spell list that seems to breed more creativity in our group.
A +3 ST, DX, HT requires a minimum of a 130 energy Lesser Strengthen Body ritual for anything with any decent duration (+3 IQ is much easier because it is a 70 energy Lesser Strengthen Mind). With an effective skill of 20, 130 energy is possible with 20 gathering rolls, though it would result in an average of one quirk. That is either the result of very might level characters (since a character needs Magery 6 plus Thaumatology-18 to get Path of Body-18 plus Ritual Magery) or the availability of grimoires for the specific ritual, so it is likely only an issue in high powered campaigns like MH.
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