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Default Re: Spell categories by Magery

Originally Posted by AlexanderHowl View Post
I generally avoid spell-based magic in favor of more flexible systems such RPM. By comparison spell-based magic is mediocre. For example, it is easy enough for RPM to give a character +3 IQ for a month, a feat that would be ludicrously difficult and expensive under spell-based magic. The magical items are also more balanced because they are gadgets.
This is part of the reason I abandoned RPM: having one RPM mage in the party meant that basically every PC had +3 to everything all the time. Tons of bookkeeping for all those buffs, and the overall effect was to make everyone blandly more powerful. I just didn’t see the gain. There’s an irony here where you’d think a “flexible” system would lead to more creativity, but it’s the restriction of having to choose from the spell list that seems to breed more creativity in our group.
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