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Default Re: [4e] Autoduelling (also, my return to GURPS)

I'm about to start an Autoduel campaign as well. I'm not going to bother converting CW>GURPS, though; mostly planning to use it as is. For vehicle combat, I'm currently debating whether to keep CW to-hits+skills or use GURPS skill rolls—I haven't decided yet. Damage to vehicles can stay with CW for the most part; conversion is only necessary for personal effects, in which case it will probably use the Occupants Hit stuff or find an equivalent weapon as appropriate.

But yes—you will definitely need Ultra-Tech.

The Autoduel Atlases had some GURPS versions of CW vehicles which can be used as a guide if you're going to attempt a conversion, you'd just then have to convert to 4e a bit.

Here's the wiki (very WIP at the moment)
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