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Default [WWII] Weiss WM 21 Solyom recon/light bomber (Hungary)

Weiss WM 21 Solyom (Falcon) recon/light bomber
Copyright 2010 by Brandon Cope

The Hungarian WM 21 was an improved version of the Fokker C.V biplane, mounting a much larger engine than normally fitted, which improved top speed significantly. The plane was used for reconnaissance and light bomber duties until 1942, when it was pulled back to Hungary for use as a trainer and liason aircraft. By 1943, it had been withdrawn from service. 128 were built, with the plane entering service in 1938.

The WM 21 had a crew of two (pilot and observer) and uses 29.2 gallons of aviation gas per hour at routine usage.

Subassemblies: Medium Fighter chassis +3, Light Fighter Wings with Biplane option +2, three fixed wheels +0.
P&P: 649-kW aerial gasoline engine with 649-kW old prop and 120-gallon standard fuel tanks [Body]; 2,000-kW batteries.
Occ: 2 XCS Cargo: 0

Body: 2/2C
Wings: 2/2W
Wheels: 3/5

2¥Aircraft LMG [Body:F] (500 rounds each)
Aircraft LMG [Body:B] (500 rounds)
250-lb bomb [Body:U]
10¥25-lb bombs [Wings:U]

Body: Medium radio receiver and transmitter, navigation instruments, autopilot, 250 lb hardpoint. Wings: Five 25-lb hardpoints each.

Size: 32'x42'x11'
Payload: 0.89 tons
Lwt: 3.79 tons
Volume:* 200
Maint.: 71 hours
Price: $7,800

HT: 8
HP: 120 Body, 135 each Wing, 12 each Wheel

aSpeed: 199
aAccel: 4
aDecel: 26
aMR: 6.25
aSR: 1

Stall: 64 mph
-1 mph per loaded hardpoint

Design Notes
The historical wing area of 353 sf has been used. Design speed was 213 mph. Performance numbers (other than top speed) include loaded hardpoints.

Some aircraft may have had one (rather than two) forward-firing machine gun.

The body had metal and fabric skin, but the design used the cloth option. To increase weight to the historical limit, the wooden wings were both given wooden armor and the wing cost and weight were given the same modifiers as wooden armor.
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