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Default Re: Submit Errata for e23 In Nomine products

Thank-you. I'd gotten the impression from Liber Castellorum that angels were the guys who sometimes used ascend and sometimes used descend in this context. I'll check for errata.

It does make it more confusing though when either direction could be either sort of travel. For example, I'd assuming that the paragraph (in the same box on p. 18 as discussed above) that begins with "Ascending from a Freedom Tether also requires at least 1 Essence paid to the Seneschal or caretaker on the corporeal . . ." to be using the LC sense of "ascending". (This makes sense, since it'd be hard for the Seneschal to stop someone from using the Tether in the Hell -> Earth direction.) Now I'm not so sure, since earlier in the box descending means going from Earth to Hell.

It doesn't actually matter for my game; travel in either direction ought to be accompanied by a gift for the guards at the "top" and the Seneschel at the "bottom".
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