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Default Re: Arm Lock with and without Technical Grappling rules

Originally Posted by DouglasCole View Post
You know, you may be right about this. I've always used Cranking it Up to model "movie reality," but when I've played with TG/FDG, there are a few things I've found:

1) Folks who want to grapple in their games optimize for it. The best/worst offender is the 250-point Wrestler, Lisbet, in the Hall of Judgment sample characters. She's got Wrestling Master, copious Lifting ST, and throws down at Lifting ST 28 when grappling, and 3d+5 control points on a successful attack.

This is a case where the player has paid nearly 250 points to grapple to death any ONE foe they face (they suffer in groups, much like an anti-Fezzik).

So folks who have used grappling to grapple really, really grapple the heck out of the bad guys.
Yeah, when you are looking at 3d+5 base CP, or really anything in realm of Trained ST >= 19, I think it really starts to favor x2 CP.

Originally Posted by DouglasCole
2) I've mostly focused on the double CP because it has always in my mind been associated with an eliminated Max CP cap (per p. 6), and also because I like the die rolling. But you're right - in movies, these grapples ALWAYS work, unless the director is making a point of how awesome the foe is, such as when Bourne fights an equal, and they're very effective quickly. Quick-and-Dirty does that quite well.
Agreed. I think it also makes a BIG difference when you are dealing with Trained ST scores closer to human norms, like 10 - 16 because having a Trained ST of 13 and rolling 1d and doubling the result is a lot more swingy than always getting 6 CP on a two-handed grab.
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