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Default Re: Main-gauche vs. Dagger

In general I would say that basically anything in your left hand should be of value when fighting, especially in a free for all melee with multiple opponents and so on. Be it a shield, a table leg, a stool or a cloak twisted around your arm. I would gladly give anyone a 1 parry for that. The buckler/small shield still being superior since it is a shield bonus. The MG would give you 2p but at the cost of -1DX, a choice but as valid as a medium shield over a small shield. The shield still being better of course.

And with Fencing or Two Weapon talent any weapon turns into a 2 parry, or a 3p/1Dx for the MG. And the MG and dagger can be used to attack with at DX-4, which makes them both better than some improvised table leg.
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