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Default Rev Trike Costs : Rules & Ambiguous Wording etc .

Well I never really noticed it until recently when McCloud brought it up . It's never been explicitly mentioned but does or not a Rev Trikes +50% Cost to 'chassis' (Body?) effect costs of :
A : The Cost of Chassis Strength ?
B : The Cost of Suspension Improvements ?
C : Both ?

Due to how it's poorly worded in the Compendium & the Trikes Chassis strength rules being brought into to text at same time , it seems unclear .

Unlike Carbon-Aluminium Frames rules where it is incredibly clear in written text , with Reversed Trikes it is not .

So depending on whether players are using Combat Garage , Compendium or older rules material , you can get at least three different prices for identical designs .

ADQ&A in ADQ 7/1 was very exact in procedural order for Body Modifiers , Tyre Modifications (despite +33.333% DP increase on Steelbelting Tyres stated there being missed in many other subsequent rule publishing) , so can someone post in step by step detail how exactly we should be doing Rev Trike Modifiers please ?

It's going to be a nightmare going over mine & others designs to see if they all need correcting now ... oh joy ... 8-l
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