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Default Re: Magery as an improvable advantage?

If ritual magic as an actual functional skill didn't exist than why even mentioned it is what the talent does? Also instead of "wizard" Banestorm uses "magician" in a lot of places.

Thaumatology defines "magician" as "Anyone with the Ritual Magic skill" and the term goes back to Voodoo (1995) and one of the options was for some magicians to have been transported to Yrth (pg 116).

"There are few mighty goblin wizards, but the race produces a remarkable number of hedge magicians and dabblers. "

"If people have occasional dealings with magicians or goblins, that makes life more varied, but they donít see it as truly strange."

"Wazifi magicians are much concerned over the rising animosity towards magic in al-Haz, fearing that someday they will be forbidden access to Gebíal-Din."

Why would any spell caster (Wizard) learn a skill that would be effectively useless to them?
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