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Default Re: Formulas for speeding up repetitive rolls

Originally Posted by AlexanderHowl View Post
That is really far too complicated, especially since we only need to multiply probability by number of attempts. Anyway, no TL8 hospital will keep anyone in a bed after they get above -(HP), as hospital beds are too valuable (and far too expensive in the USA). You would need to be able to pay out of pocket for daily care from a personal physician, or have such an individual as a good friend/relative (a really good use of Ally), to benefit from physician care past -(HP).
I don't think they use anything like 'hit points' as their measure of your readiness to leave. They look at how likely you are to suddenly need hospital level care again, and how likely you are to die immediately if you can't get it. Thus after open heart surgery the stay is based on how fast you recover the ability to breathe without oxygen, walk and move around without assistance, and how well your heart is behaving. Actual healing of the wounds, past the "they aren't doing something they shouldn't" level isn't really a consideration.
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