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Default Limb Hits + Accumulated Wounds + Dismember

How does "Limb Hits" (HT162) interact with "Accumulated Wounds" (B420) and Dismemberment (B421) when dealing with different sources of injuries (e.g. cutting + piercing)?

I have 11HP, my Arm has accumulated 6HP of injury from bullets and knives... so it is crippled.

I then continue to suffer injuries to the same Arm (for some reason...) from both sources (Cutting and Piercing attacks). When would it be considered dismembered/severed?

1. when a single blow inflict 12HP (Cutting) or 24HP (Piercing) of injury? (see Limb Hits, HT162)... but this would mean that my Arm could be hit several times without actually be severed.

2. i continue to write down injury until the Arm has accumulated XXHP... but this threshold would be different for Cutting and Piercing injury, per Limb Hits rule.

Thank you!

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