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Default Re: [MA] Technical Grappling Example - Wrestler vs. Three Swordsmen

Thanks for the feedback! The reason for the low CP rolls is that we're using this unarmed damage table; our GM thinks it makes the game more cinematic/gamey if swing damage isn't gigantic. I even thought I'd suggest the "thr = ST/20, sw = ST/10" rule, but it seemed a little too much. The point is to allow highly-skilled, cinematic characters to still wail on each-other like they do in a game. But, perhaps this shouldn't apply to grappling in the same way - if we go for reduced damage, should we also go for the "double CP" switch?

I still don't see how legs give ST 28. ST + Lifting ST (in Yu's case, 10 + 8) are multiplied by Grip ST (1.2) before adding the Training Bonus (+3). So, 18+3 for two arms, 22+3 for two legs. Right?

Why only use the free arm? Definitely try and break free with both arms, and in a lock, Committed (Strong) would make sense too. The successful Break Free unlocks the arm (of course, Yu will just re-lock him up).
So, Breaking Free can use any free or grappled limbs? I assume not the limbs caught in another grapple. But which ST do you use then? If one arm is grappled and one is free, the grappled one has double the ST penalty. Do you use the worst penalty?

Technique Mastery (Ground Fighting) sounds great, I should have thought of that before. And I like the judgement call that all attacks are from the front if you're lying face-up - it makes wrestlers and ground-fighters more effective against multiple opponents.

I think (I'm in a hurry, as I'm gong to be late for work) that Yu's dodge is penalized by his OWN CP, since he can't maintain a grip with full mobility. Need to check that. Dodge is penalized from your own grapples unless you let go. (Unless we nixed that in playtest as too complicated).
It's a good rule. I can't imagine maintaining CP is easy when you have to weave and bob with your torso, dodging blows. And since Dodging is a whole-body action, it would have lesser penalties if you only grappled with one limb, and much higher if you use both arms and legs. I haven't read anything like that in TG, thought it sounds like an easy-to-overlook rule.
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