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Default Re: [MA] Technical Grappling Example - Wrestler vs. Three Swordsmen

not tonight, but I'll give a detailed response.

One thing - if you have raw ST 21 and use you legs, you should get +20% to ST,or +4. That's ST 25, +3 for Wrestling, for ST 28 (!!). that's 3d-1 CP, average 9, range 2-17. 4 CP from that initial leg grapple is a crappy roll!

Also, the "unstable" thing means CP spent to cause takedowns and whatnot are doubled. You spent no points, so you get no benefit - you didn't need it, because your trained ST is so high.

Had you spent some, you could have really dropped the foe's roll down,even 4 CP would be -8 to the roll if you spent them all.

How did you step into CC while lying down? :-)
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