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Default Re: [MA] Technical Grappling Example - Wrestler vs. Three Swordsmen

Turn 5
Yu begins his turn with Goonb in a triangle choke, and grappling Goonc's sword with his hands. He first chokes Goonb as a free action, rolling his ST (25 with two legs) vs. his enemy's HP; he spends 2 CP and inflicts 2 FP of damage through a carotid choke. There are 7 CP left on Goonb's neck. Yu then opts for an untrained Snap Weapon, at ST-4 (i.e. ST 17 with two arms) vs. the sword's HT of 12. He wins, but only deals 3 damage to the sword. For his second attack, he tries again, succeeds, and deals 9 damage to the sword - the weapon fails its HT roll and snaps in two.

Goonc tosses his ruined sword, steps into close combat and rolls a Brawling punch to the face, hitting. Yu again does a Grabbing Parry, this time at -2 for parrying a hand, for Parry-11. He succeeds, and inflicts 4 CP on Goonc's hand.

Goonb attacks to break free using all his limbs, at Judo-14, -4 for posture and -2 referred penalties. He succeeds critically, and Yu gets no defense. Goonb rolls CP for ST×1.5 for using both legs and both arms, and doubles it, scoring 7 CP and freeing himself.

Turn 6
Yu opts for an All-Out Attack (Double) (a total of 3 attacks, with Extra Attack) on Goonc, whom he is currently grappling by the hand: first, he Feints at skill-20, lowering Goonc's defense by 11; then, he applies a wrist lock at skill-18, almost unopposed, and scores another 4 CP on the hand. Finally, he executes a Throw From Lock at skill-18, opposed by Goonc's Judo-12 (14 - 2 for referred Whole-Body Actions penalty), succeeds, and deals swing crushing damage on the enemy's wrist, spending all CP and releasing the grapple afterwards.

__________________________________________________ _______________

The last guy capitulates afterwards, and the whole thing is pretty much over.
TL;DR Version: You can survive against three swordsmen too! ... If you have magical skin harder than steel plate, and grapple like an ogre.

Both mine and my GM's conclusion was ecstatic - TG is very rich and detailed, yet allows enough wiggle-room to make moves and situations circumstantial and open to interpretation. Several times, whether a move could be executed depended on whether the GM judged it to be achievable from a certain position or posture in relation to the enemy. It's certainly more involved, slightly longer, and requires more bookkeeping, but not by a lot.
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