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Default Re: Combo Suggestions for point starved Witch wanting to be effective in melee?

Originally Posted by Varyon View Post
There are other advantages to the staff, of course. First and foremost is that +2 Parry, which is indispensable if you find yourself stuck in melee (particularly against armed foes). Next up, I think there are more monsters who are resilient against piercing damage than against crushing damage* - in some cases, you may well have a monster who is resilient against piercing and particularly vulnerable to crushing (skeletons come to mind, as they're likely to have both Injury Tolerance: Unliving and Fragile: Brittle, if not outright Vulnerability to Crushing). Granted, many of those bullet-resistant monsters are still vulnerable to headshots (zombies certainly come to mind), but you need to be a pretty serious shootist to pull that off reliably.

All that said, however, a pistol is probably a better option in most cases.

*Humorously, unless they have a good deal of natural DR, I think the GURPS stats result in rubber bullets being more effective against the undead than metal ones. I'd have to check the stats again, however.
Of course I'm aware of these things, and I'm aware of the potential highly variable factors that could be in play, but I'm just applying some real-life common sense (or what I perceive to be, my logic is not infallible).

Most foes, unless they're utterly fearless and/or so highly capable/highly powered that they can withstand bullet fire, are going to hesitate when confronted with a gun being pointed at them.

Ideally, I'd imagine it'd be most desirable to perform headshots against zombies as a lot of fiction says that enough damage to the undead brain will take them out. You could just take more easier shots if you lack the skill, enough damage could make their rotting bodies collapse... or just blow them apart in close range with a shot gun.

Of course, I don't know MH well, and I know GURPS's guns mechanics even less, but I'm simply speaking from experience with playing survival horror games. Particularly Resident Evil 4, my favorite. I played that game to completion on the Gamecube and now I'm playing it again on the Switch. RE peaked with 4, and it is arguably the most iconic survival horror game to date. Makes me want to play a GURPS RE game. :)
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