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Default Order of Operations with Power Limitations?

I'm designing a super with Altered Time Rate 1 (Emergencies Only, -30%; Power Modifier, Super, -10%; Temporary Disadvantage, Night Blindness, -8 points; Unreliable 14, -10%).

The Temporary Disadvantage is worth -8 points rather than -10% (since Night Blindness is a -10 point disadvantage), since you can't save more than 80% of the value of a Temporary Disadvantage, and Altered Time Rate costs 100 points.

But, the question then arises: do you...
  • Assess the point discount and then the percentages, resulting in a price of (100 - 8) * .5 = 46 points, or...

  • Assess the percentages and then the point discount, resulting in a price of (100 * .5) - 8 = 42 points?

Obviously I'd prefer the second option... but I thought I'd better check.
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