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“Oh BIBI, nice to meet cha! Legendary, huh? Word is an Ewok's been beating the stuff out of lots of people these days. But that can't be you right? You’re friendly, and cute!”

The conversation is interrupted by a sudden call, you can hear what Karlan says, the music’s too loud to understand what the other person explains.

“They split? That's no problem!”

“What? They were split?” “Sorry, I think you called the wrong person.”

“Oh friends, look at the time! I gotta dash now. BOSS, we’ll meet later, don’t mess our plan!”

Karlan winks at Bibingui and leaves.


A strenuous blast takes place, turning night into day for a brief moment. From Togosho’s and the Rodian’s perspective, the explosion releases as much energy as the afterglow of 5 billion suns.

The Rodian vaporizes and is blown away by the wind along the cloud of dust from the explosion. Togosho survives, but he’s reeling. His armor soaked most of the damage, the cost? It barely made it in one piece. He’s got to check his light-sabers!*

Togosho searches the bodies, but he doesn’t find a clue about who they were. However, the Devaronian had something in his rear pocket, it’s a flyer from a club. The flyer reads “Yavoo-Naga” and it’s got three different notes in the back:

1. “Armor To-Go”, this is accompanied by different coordinates, dates and timestamps; the newer writings are in different ink color;
2. “Meet B-B at a club, delivery” These letters are poorly disguised as hearts, it could have been vV, vB, bV, bB, etc. Interestingly, it also reads “Search for Bibi”. You can find today’s date on it, a time;
3. Scratched.

When you're done searching the bodies, you hear emergency sirens approaching.

@TMW Please roll search or a compatible skill to check for more stuff.

*Don't worry, Togosho’s lightsabers are fine!
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