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Default Re: SID's Star Wars Campaign (IC)

The force flows through Togosho, and he feels a burst of speed as he feels it shoot through his nervous system like a fire is burning deep in his bones. The world slows around him as he is able to dance through the beams...
I am the Defender of the True Way,

Togosho flies 1 yard toward the Zeltron and attacks in a wide stroke (reach 2) and zigs towards the Durosian, flying two more yards to bring him into reach and in alignment to zag towards the Devaronian. He lashes out with a second attack, this time at the Durosian, before...

This next bit will be edited depending on the outcome of the attack effects.
((If these guys both go down, he will continue zipping up behind the Devaronian, otherwise, he'll position himself behind whoever is still standing with the tractor guns in their back hex, using them as cover from the other one if they are both up. Can you block a tractor beam with a force shield? ))

There is no Light, There is no Dark,

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