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Togosho launches a relentless attack, and bisects the Nelwyn, bottom up. She tries to parry with her gun, but the lightsaber cut through like a knife butter. It was so swift she didn’t even have time to scream, think of her newborn children, or have any fond memories prior to her death.

The Rodian barely survives, but loses his weapon in the process as he parries the saber with the flamer. “FIERFEK! FFFFFFFFFFF THIS” shouts the Rodian as he drops the weapon, it’s as if he just (did number 2 on his pants). He takes something from his pockets and starts getting away from Togosho.

The Nelwyn wasn’t wearing any amor, what about the others? Also, what’s in the Rodian’s hand? Togosho can’t tell right away, but a terahertz scan could help him.

The Devaronian runs away while operating a radio “HOLD THE MF, I’ll fetch reinforcements”.

The other guys step back and shoot their tractor beams, it’s a deceptive attack of -4 to Togosho’s defenses.

@TMW, you may parry the beams, both are potential hits.

The Rodian is about 5 yards behind you, it seems he’s escaping.
The Devaronian is about 7 yards ahead of you, running away.
The 2 tractor beam attackers are 3 yards in front of you (left and right).


Karlan stands up with Vanta, he pounds his fist on the table as says “LET’S DO THIS!”. Vanta lets Karlan take care of the situation, things seem to calm down. He pushes some people away making room for Vanta, and stands in front of the aggressor pushing his chest against man (he’s pointing his gun at the man’s “package”). “DUDE, if you move your picture will blur out, if you <EXPLETIVE> the picture I won’t be able to refrain from punching a hole through it. JUST LEAVE”.

Bibingui activates “destruction mode” and comes closer… The situation forces the aggressor and his girlfriend to leave.

Then Karlan shouts, “HEY MAN, THE GIRL STAYS!” … awkward silence strikes the moment but then he adds “JK, NOT MY TYPE, HAHAHAH!”…

Karlan turns to Vanta and Bibingui, and invites them sit at the table.
Bibingui thinks Karlan is a girl.

“You win if you strike first, if you don’t, shame on you. What’s your name (Karan is talking to Bibingui) What are you doing here? I thought your species were wiped after the death-star’s explosion”.
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