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Default Re: Detonating Cord question

Originally Posted by Icelander View Post
Well, det cord has 0.066 lbs. of explosive material (PETN) per yard, so, that's the damage for that hex.

I don't think the other two neighbouring hexes contribute much. Maybe a +1 or so to damage.
Doing the HT calculation I get 14.5 pts of damage (4D) for the occupied hex and 1/3rd that much for occupied hexes adjacent and 1/6 that muhc for hexes beyond those..

If anyone wonders I multiplied the actual weight (.066) x the REF (1.8 for PETN) and then took the square root and multiplied that by 42 (damage for 1 lb of TNT). I believe that's the right order for the operations.

I don't necessarily trust the formula for explosive charges so small.
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