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Default Re: Gargoyle hunting

Originally Posted by phiwum View Post
I'm uncertain on all this, so let me know if there's a rule that a flying figure dropping on an enemy can go directly into HTH in the movement phase. My gut says not.
Flying gargoyle above the sniper is not engaged because he is above rather than "in one of that figure’s front hexes." (ITL 101)
Also "flying creatures are not engaged by grounded ones unless they wish to be" (ITL 104)

Hence the gargoyle can use "If the attacking figure is disengaged, this is a regular move." (ITL 116) rather than "A figure must stop its movement for the turn when it becomes “engaged”" (ITL 103) followed by "If the attacking figure is engaged, he may shift onto a figure engaging him to attempt HTH" (ITL 116) or "(o) ATTEMPT HAND-TO-HAND ATTACK. During the movement phase, the figure stands still or shifts; when its turn to attack comes, it moves onto the hex of any adjacent enemy, and attempts to hit with bare hands or (if it was ready) its dagger." (ITL 103) (I'm really confused about the difference between these two personally).

So the gargoyle attempts to move into the hex, followed by the die roll for HTH response at ITL 116/117 (Rerolling 6s due to entering from above rather than in front)
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