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Originally Posted by hcobb View Post
I'm modeling turning your back and walking away from somebody who isn't a perceived threat.
Yes, and it's an interesting and I think not bad way of doing it. I think I prefer it to other methods I've seen where the ignored person gets given an extra free attack in addition to their attack for the turn (some people have even given a free auto-hit), I'm just saying I'd tend to do it differently, FWIW.

i.e. I have used a few versions of this, usually based on my long-memorized knowledge of how it works in GURPS, where I note the facing as the ignoring figure moves, and apply that facing modifier. Last time I took the time to describe that system on these forums, though, it wasn't well received by people who didn't know/like GURPS, which is understandable.

IME, the main issue I have had in play with house rules for ignoring engagement, is not accidentally creating a tactic where people can use it to do run-around attacks too easily.

Giving the ignored person a reaction move/shift can help.
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