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Originally Posted by hcobb View Post
You can have amulets vs humans or whatever. I've tuned this to balance by requiring your Theologian to spend actions to get it to work. I've also added a note showing that evil is defined by the religion in question. Out!, you cursed elf!

And I've reduced the range.
Sure, it is great and utterly appropriate if the GM/universe agrees that there really is such a thing as Evil and/or Undead that includes zombies, werewolves and vampires.

Or, the GM could decide "species" applies to any taxonomy the enchanter thinks is real, so if the enchanter's credo had it that all those things were lumped together, that could work.

But in RAW TFT such amulets work against "any one race or species e.g.,
men, orcs, wolves, slimes, etc." and zombies are mentioned (resisted by controlling wizard IQ), but IIRC there is no one true definition for Evil, and zombies are not the same thing as lycanthropes which are not the same thing as vampires.
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