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Originally Posted by AlexanderHowl View Post
The Healing advantage suffers compared to the Major Healing build. To get the similar level of functionality for healing, you would need a character with IQ 11 [20], Per 15 [20], Healing (Based on Per, +20%; Capped, 4 FP, -20%; Injuries Only, -20%; Reliable, +10, +50%; Reduced FP Cost, -3 FP, +60%; Magical, -10%; Xenohealing, Anything Animate, +100%) [84], and Magery 0 [5], which ends up being 129 CP versus 98 CP (it is also missing the ability to heal oneself and the ability to heal at a modest distance).

Major Healing-25 allows for tactical healing, as the character can heal people from 10 yards away without any difficulty and heal themselves as long as they suffered less than 10 HP damage.
On the plus side, the guy who uses the Power won't have to pay extra FP to heal people of higher SM like you do w/ magic.

Also rather than paying for Xenohealing it could be cheaper to just not buy that enhancement permanently and in cases where you need to heal non-humans use Temporary Enhancements.
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