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Default Re: Mage Specialization [Fantasy]

I've got no complaints about insane skill levels in cinematic settings like DF (assuming the GM and players want to run it like that). My comment was solely there to point out the realism. I was literally just commenting on the "-10 is not impossible", when that is literally what a -10 difficulty means in a realistic setting according to GURPS RAW (Rules as Written).

Do note though that Kromm's character Radiana has a lot more going on that just being a heal-bot. She has 140 points invested in being a good generalist (IQ 14 [80] and PI 6 [60]).

While I really question Kromm's decision to go absolutely crazy on high levels of Major Heal later, the build is otherwise legit. Shield, Sanctuary, etc. means there is quite a few things the character can do outside of heal-botting.
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