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Default Re: DreadStormers [IC]

Originally Posted by GnomesofZurich View Post
After hearing the captain's speech, Day nudges Pothi and says, "a bit pompous, isn't he? But it sounds like we're going to be busy. Hey, at dinner let's make an appearance at our mess, and then pop by Shields' mess to get to know some of them better." Day plans to use an appearance at each mess to try to avoid eating the slop, the main problem will be convincing Pothi that he's had some at one of them.
You'll need to stick around for a while at dinner tonight, because announcements are assignments and so forth are likely to be made, but that just gives you more time to "eat" for Pothi and "not eat" for everyone else. Pothi actually wants the Spicy Soup being served on your floor, but he's willing to go up to the Sheild's mess for their Beekornor fried aquazoon and especially the heavy pastries they're serving for desert.

How will he convince/make it appear to Pothi he's eaten at one of the two places?
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