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Default Re: From TL9^ interplanetary to TL10^ interstellar space opera in 200 years or less?

Originally Posted by Refplace View Post
One thing I havent read here that I think is important is how good the FTL is.
If its really fast you dont need as many ships and can build up faster.
if its slower or requires more expensive resources than it will take more time to build up a colony.

I would go with a few STl reactionless ships doing exploration and colonization with larger ships or embryonic seeding.
Later than you get the FTl so you can have a few different types out there.
I was thinking that FTL trips to most candidate-worlds take from a couple of weeks to a few months, depending on distance and drive quality/number.

I also think that it's easiest to make STL irrelevant in this scenario (due to hyperspace mapping mismatching realspace mapping, due to reactionless drives not being able to get past a certain potential energy limit, due to distances involved etc.).
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