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Default Re: 'Imperial Culture' (non-canonista)

Foreigners Dispensation(FD) : This is an Honorary Knighthood given in several orders to non-Imperial citizens. In the Order of the Arrow it is given to notable scientists, explorers, and others who have made contributions in fields related to the jurisdiction of the IISS. Because of the diplomatic difficulties this can only be given by the Emperor himself. As Scout Patron, Grand Princess Iphigenia has recommended several for this.

Related is Citizens Dispensation(CD). This is an honorary membership in the Order of the Arrow given to Citizens of the Imperium who are not members of the IISS but have made contributions in fields related to the Scouts purpose. In many cases it comes with an automatic offer of temporary or permanent employment in the Scouts; having a CD is usually enough to supersede any disqualifications other then those related to security(I.E. presumed physical or even mental disabilities would be superceded by possessing a CD as would lack of education, but being blackmailable probably wouldn't).
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