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Default Parry Missile Weaons... with missile weapons

In the past week I've seen two examples of something that was just incredible and that I'm not sure how to do, or if it can be done, in GURPS.

On the anime Naruto: Shippuden, two fighters (admittedly with special chakra based abilities, including eye-based powers) are going at it, and start attacking each other with thrown shuriken. One of them in one scene actually throws a shuriken at where his opponent's thrown shuriken will be (he can properly estimate its trajectory and then throws his shuriken accordingly), effectively knocking it out of the way... basically parrying the thrown missile with his own equivalent thrown missile.

On the series Alphas, I saw Cameron Hicks do this with bullets! He shoots his gun so that his bullet effectively knocks an incoming bullet out of the way. Hicks is a guy with "hyperkinesis", which (from Wikipedia) "allows his brain to process movement at a much faster rate than others. This gives him amazing athletic feats of timing, superhuman reflexes and perfect accuracy with firearms or thrown objects and also allows him, for example, to predict trajectory by eyesight."

So I was wondering... in GURPS, how are these abilities handled? Obviously ETS comes to mind as a prerequisite, but it's much more than that.
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