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Default Re: How to Remove a Stat

Originally Posted by Armin View Post
You should *still* do a Resynchronize for that character, with the new data set loaded.
I suspect that this is all that needs to be done, since he said he already removed the data file which contained the new attribute.

The way that GCA works is that the character files are designed to be self-contained. You can load a character with any random data files, or no data files at all, and the character will have all of the base information from the data files which they were created with. This prevents a character from completely erroring out, or worse crashing GCA, because some important bit of information isn't contained in the currently loaded data file set.

If you want change that, to remove some of the base information and replace it with base info from the currently loaded data files, you need to Resynchronize the character to the currently loaded data.
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