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Default Re: [Spaceships, Ultra-Tech] On-board Sensors

Originally Posted by Ulzgoroth View Post
Well, right off the bat let's not overlook the basic fact that the Enhanced Sensor Array's weight is set: it's one ship system. The question isn't why it weighs that much, but why it performs as it does for that weight.
The sum of the weights of PESA, Ladar, Radar, Laser Comms, Radio Comms that is described in Ultra-Tech (summed the largest devices that is described in Ultra-Tech) is 1050 lbs, app. 0.5 tons, the weight of SM+4 Spacecraft's one modules. And it costs $520K. I omitted comm suites before, and my questions for Sensors' weight is resolved now.

But why the SM+4 Spaceships' Sensor is that much cheaper than the sum of Ultra-Tech devices is still a question to me. Ultra-Tech devices is 26 times expensive than SM+4 Spaceships' sensor...

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