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Originally Posted by Skarg View Post
However as I keep thinking about it and Tywyll's thoughts about Weapon Expert and Fencer, I think I have separate qualms about that talent. One issue is just the way it combines with a 32-point character to mean that starting characters can be experts, but all such characters must be ST 9 or less... that mainly bothers me because that filtering for weak experts only seems like a weird gamey effect.
To me it just means that the only 32-point characters you'll find who are experts are those who concentrated in IQ and DX. Stronger ones have to spend time strength-training so higher-ST beginners haven't had enough time to become experts.

One thing that does bother me about the expert and master talents is that they have that annoying IQ + DX prerequisite pattern which limits the practical ST to 13, so the current system limits you to bastard sword or morning star. A Great Sword Master at 40 points ought to be at least a possibility.

I think the IQ requirement should be much lower (like 10) and there should be another way of limiting the talent, like maybe one of these:
  • Two attributes must total at least X
  • Two attributes must be higher than X
  • Attribute total must be X (34, 36, 38, etc.)

Personally, I'd make Expert an IQ 10 talent requiring DX 13 and one other attribute of at least 13 and Master also an IQ 10 talent but requiring DX 14 and one other attribute of at least 14. The IQ 10 requirement limits the options a bit and acknowledges that experts and masters have to be of at least average intelligence but it doesn't prevent mastery of higher-ST weapons.

This allows for Sword Masters with Great Swords starting at an attribute total of 40. Note that this also allows elves, goblins, and halflings to start out with Expert.
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