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Default Re: Alternate XP progression schedule

Originally Posted by Skarg View Post
What rules for learning talents are intended for use with this?

Seems to me like a pretty fast cruise through the 33-40 point terrain where I most like to play.
Rules for learning/training/study would be similar to what was presented in the original ITL and Advanced books. I haven't started working on the specifics yet, but suffice to say that some amount of time and effort will be required before new talents or spells can be added.

And yes, compared to the new rules, absolutely. The progression is not quite as fast as what was presented in the old ITL, especially when you factor in the different approaches to how much XP should be doled out by the GM. I believe, however, that it is more true to the 'live fast, die hard' (or is it 'die fast, live hard') philosophy inherent in Steve's original design for TFT.

Obviously, this solution will be more attractive to stubborn grognards like myself who prefer the previous style of play. ;)
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