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The planet Astraeus, named for the Titan of Dusk and the spouse of the dawn, orbits a star hidden from Earth by a minor dust cloud. Although reachable by the jump links, it's to far from Earth to reach by Skip-Warp.

The planet wasn't slated for terraformation but some one accidently, or so they claim, spilled blue-green algae into a stream leading to the nearby ocean.

Once they decided that it was hopeless trying to clean up the spill, large amounts of terraforming organisms were dumped into the planet's ecosystem.

Astraeus did have a fragile ecosystem. None of the planet's original ecosystem is now known to survive. Many groups cry foul, others seek to stake claims on a new planet which is a blank slate.

Three main groups contend to dominate the planet.

A) A large Anglophone group mainly from North America. These folks are social democrats seeking to build a good life for themselves and their descendants.

B) A Chinese group. Utopians seeking to achieve a viable form of Communism balancing Marxist ideas with Taoism and Ren.

C) A group founded on the ideas of Hayek and Rand. They seek a true pure capitalism.

There are other groups on the planet. Mainly religious in nature.

Various "Green" groups, bitter about the destruction of the planet's ecosystem, want the colonies punished. They maintain constant harassment campaigns.

The ratio of land to sea is somewhat lower on Astraeus than on Earth. 21 percent land. However, the landmasses are arranged differently and there is 40 percent more arable land than on Earth.

There are no continents on Astraeus. The largest landmass is only a little bigger than Madagascar. There are no large arid areas or sandy wastelands. The largest uninhabitable areas are in the polar regions.

The tech-level of this campaign is nine. FTL drives and Anti-gravs for getting to orbit are supertech. Otherwise this setting is straight TL9.

More Later....
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