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Originally Posted by timm meyers View Post
IQ 13 Fire Fountain (M) (nicknamed- Roman Candle)
Wizard launches 3 fireballs in quick succession. Each ball does 1-1. All fireballs can be directed at a single target or separate targets within 1 hex of each other. No mater the number of targets each ball must be rolled individually to hit.
Cost- 2 ST

There has been rumors that a similar spell exists called "Chain Lightning"
It's nice to see a missile spell that can affect multiple targets. However, I'd suggest a casting cost of 3 and IQ for this one--perhaps 15. As written, it deviates from the 1ST/die of damage standard set for missile spells, and the ability to split the attacks to up to three targets is a significant potential advantage. Giving it a higher IQ requirement than Lightning helps to offset that advantage. Alternatively, make it ST 4 at IQ 14, attributing the extra casting cost to the multiple targets. Other than a metagamey playing of the odds, I'm not sure why three rolls to hit one target would be desirable.
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