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Default Re: The Raid: Redemption, a Technical Grappling Analysis

Originally Posted by EskrimadorNC View Post
Combat Reflexes [15]
Extra Attack 1 (probably w/Multiattack) [25/30]
Striking ST 1 or 2(likely) [5/10]
OHWT (Knife) [1]
Kiss The Wall defaults to Judo [1]
*Targeted Attack Karate Punch/Face: Skill -2 [4]
Kicking: Full Skill [2]
Knee Strike: Full Skill: [1]
*Targeted Attack Karate Kick/Face: Skill -2 [4]
*Targeted Attack Tonfa Swing/Leg Joint: Skill -2 [4]
*Targeted Attack Tonfa Swing/Vitals: Skill -1 [3]
*Targeted Attack Tonfa Swing/Face: Skill -2 [4]
*Targeted Attack Knee Strike/Vitals: Skill -1 [3]
I note that if you take the six targeted attack techniques, that's 22 points. Enough for Karate at +5 with 2 points left over. That means EVERYTHING gets better, and IIRC you can Karate-Punch with the tonfa held in reversed grip, so it helps.

Even so, with three tonfa TAs, +3 to Tonfa skill attacks the vitals at no penalty, face at effectively -2 from base anyway, etc. I'd just give higher skill. Karate by +2 with 2 points in techniques, and Tonfa by +3 and spend a point more.
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