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Default Re: GURPS Technical Grappling Max Control Points

Originally Posted by Plane View Post
Reading TG6 in this context, how would it work if you did sort of a "4 on 4" limbs situation (left hand grapples left hand, right hand grapples right hand, left leg grapples right leg, right leg grapples right leg) ?

You would have 0.5xST RH>RH, another 0.5x for LH>LH which would total 1.0xST

Would that mean for the leg-on-leg additions of 0.6xST that you just could not do those grapples, or they would be limited to 0CP grapples because any CP added on the legs would exceed the total?
I'm not quite sure what you're doing here. For using both arms and both legs, just consult the table in the back. You ST is boosted to 1.5xST, then add training bonus. That sets your control maximum.

Anything more complicated than this already-too-complicated math is going to be some combination of unwise, unneeded, unhealthy, immoral, or fattening.

I guess I just informally assumed "amount of CP a grappler is maintaining" meant "grappling implement"...
No, it's meant to be "no matter how skilled you are, there's only so much you can do to another bloke." It's a nod to skill, size, and strength, and at some point, you just run out of leverage.

Even increasing the Control Maximum is my own interpretation, but to me it's OK. If you have (say) ST 12, +2 training bonus, then your 1-arm control max would be a pretty-respectable 8, two arms would be 14, and both arms and both legs would be 20. But using both arms and legs means you are on the ground, which has its own drawbacks.

and I guess also informally assumed that "trained ST" meant "as possible for that implement" (ie the max CP for 2 hands is 1.0x trained ST, the max CP for 1 hand is 0.5x trained ST) as otherwise it would sound like 2 hands can't actually maintain better max control than 1 hand would, given enough prep time...

Would that mean the biggest advance with using 2 hands to grapple is just that you can add CP faster, but not a higher total?
See above using the TG rules. You can - and might possibly should - adjust Control Max based on what limbs are in use...but that's EVEN MORE turn to turn bookkeeping in a system that indulges in too much of that already.
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