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Default Re: exemptions to darkness/blindness penalties for grappling?

Originally Posted by David Johnston2 View Post
Darkness has no effect on grappling as long as you are in physical contact because touch is a targeting sense.
I did some searching and MA62's new "Sensitivity" skill seems like something worth considering here. If you an opponent in close combat with you is "visible, touching, or detected with Blind Fighting" then you can attempt as a free action a roll (getting 'sensitive touch' bonus... weird that would apply if not actually touching them at all if using vision/BF...) to get a bonus to attacks/defenses...

It doesn't signal out grappling so this could just be for strikes I guess... but I'm wondering where I could read more about 'touch as targeting' rules you refer to.

It seems like common sense ("I know exactly where your arm is because I'm already holding it") but I imagine vision is still of some benefit than relying pure on proprioception.

B146 mentions if you have Numb you can't do First Aid unless you see the injury. That'd be like some kind Vision roll i guess (liek you'd do when using First Aid on someone else) since you can't rely on pain to give you instant feedback on where to look.

Instant feedback on where to look isn't necessarily "because I know where the injury is, I function as competently as if I'm looking at it, even if I can't see it" though.

Like if my arm is grabbed, while I know "I feel a grab" I wouldn't for example know "my attacker is using an underhanded grip" or "I was grabbed from the right side" though....

TS25 does mentioned pressing your gun against someone results in "knows your gun’s location and can defend himself as if against a “runaround” attack" which is sort of similar to No-Hands Parry rules except for not ignoring the -2 (it's only net -0 because the +2 telegraphic bonus offsets the -2)

"No penalty to defend" isn't necessarily "no penalty to attack" as we well know though... there's no mention of anything like "I can grab the gun at no penalty because I know where it is" to ignore either hit locations or darkness penalties when someone puts the barrel against the skull.
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