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Default Technical Grappling: Grabbing Parry clarification

So, the group was in a place where they were having a 1v1 with another unarmed individual MMA style near gladiatorial combat for entertainment purposes, and one of the PCs did a grabbing parry and asked how it worked.

So I told him from memory, and then we looked it up because I couldn't remember the modifiers of the top of my head.

Well. He noticed that the description doesn't specify that it works like Jam and Aggressive parry (I had honestly never looked I just assumed. and it is 100% my fault)

so. now im confused.

Jam and aggressive parry work by giving a minus to your parry (assuming you haven't bought it off as a technique), and then roll defense.

if you succeed the defense, roll vs. underlying skill at a modifier depending on what you are trying to hit, if you succeed do stuff, if you don't, not enough damage to cause injury.

But Grabbing parry, at least from what i look at it, doesn't say it works that way.

the scenario was the PC used grabbing parry on a punch from a fighter with 2 levels of rapid retraction. he succeeded by 0. before the rapid retraction was taken into effect. and he asked if he failed his parry because the other dude pulled his arm back fast enough.

I was stumped. I ruled no, he succeeded his parry, but failed the grab. and we continued. but i told him i would ask.

What is going on here? is there supposed to be a (if parry successful, roll vs. underlying skill) clause in there? or is there something im missing?
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