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Default California New Age Cult

Does anyone have any ideas about the Californian element within the cult?

I've established that the leader is a fairly young woman, in her thirties, Asian-American, very attractive and extremely charismatic. She is college educated, high in Status and commesurately wealthy. With her are eight cultists, who do not necessarily represent all her followers, just her closest, most faithful and most trustworthy ones. Also, ideally, the ones who are prepared to commit any number of felonies, kidnap and murder innocent people, perform truly terrifying rituals and potentially sacrifice themselves.

I've also established that she is very influential among the leaders who have traveled to Texas. As the eight followers she has brought are neither possessed of any notable wordly gifts nor exceptional mystical talents, her influence is likely to be the result of her own power, charm, willpower and social skills, even without Cultural Familiarity for most of the ordinary South American cultists. So, she's personally powerful.

I thought to make her faction a West Coast cult with typical New Age trappings, but behind the harmless 'glorifying Krishna and Vishnu In a post-colonial, condescending, bottled-up and labeled kind of way' mumbo-jumbo, crystal-energy, wisdom-of-the-ancients Hollywood chic was something a lot darker. A 2010s gender-flipped, woke, person-of-color-starring reboot of Charles Manson.

A random roll based on California demographics put her ethnicity at Asian-American. Does anyone have thoughts as to a more specific ethnic origin?

I'm thinking Japanese-American, both because it's reasonably common in California (and can be considered characteristic of the West Coast, as it is much more common there than in the Mid-West, South or even East Coast) and because there will be five other cultists of Chinese ethnicity and I don't want to give players a false impression that the cult of the Keepers of the Last Heart is Chinese in origin, rather than simply conveying a somewhat global scale.

Also, a random roll suggested a high social Status (15 on a scale of 3-18, so about Status 3-4) and she's from California, most likely somewhere not far from Los Angeles. As many high Status people are associated with Hollywood, there is a certain temptation to explain her Status result by her being famous or at least related to someone famous. I don't have any objection to wildly fictionalizing real people or inventing relatives for them, so does anyone have suggestions for a beautiful, charismatic Asian-American socialite in Hollywood who might be a cult leader?
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