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Default Re: [TG] Perk to allow Break Free with striking skill?

Originally Posted by DouglasCole View Post
If you can overcome whatever DX (and ST, if using TG rather than FDG) penalties are on you to punch them while they're grappling you
I do like avoiding the hard cap of "absolutely can't attack with a grappled limb" though there should probably be some limited form of that like "you can't punch a hand that is grappling your arm with that arm"

Maybe with some exception for "Extra-Flexible" arms with 3 elbows or something which actually might allow weird stuff like a fist hitting it's own bicep.

Originally Posted by DouglasCole View Post
allowing some or all of the damage to reduce control points as well would be kinda fun, and I (perhaps?) remember something being said in Martial Arts, I think, about this practice.
MA did not have control points, so closest I can think is MA119 "Pain in Close Combat" which had:

If you wound him, his shock penalty (-1 to -4) lowers his ST as well as his DX if you try to break free.
However, the penalty vanishes before your next turn
Since TG allows you to do DX-based parries against Break Free, if you allow shock to subtract DX from active defenses (it normally doesn't, I think, only attacks) that'd be one solve. Or if using a ST-based parry instead of DX, a similar benefit.

Did TG use "temporary control point loss" anywhere?

It also continues:
  • If you’re injured, your shock penalty applies to your attack rolls and your ST rolls to
    break free!
In technical grappling, shock would already reduce your DX-based attack roll to break free so I don't know if that means it should reduce the ST-based Control Point roll too.

Originally Posted by DouglasCole View Post
Brawling in particular has always been a bit grabby, so allowing counter-grapples using a slow progression, or (with the Clinch) perk to default to Skill-2 (like the default for Armed Grapple) or Skill-4 or Skill-5 but improvable as a Hard Technique might be a way to point-cost it out.
One thing about defaulting it to Brawling-2 is that Brawling is Easy compared to Judo being Hard, so you get the effect of Brawlers being just as good at basic grappling as Judoka.

Then again, "Armed Grappling" for easy weapons in general has that problem...

If you had "Weak Grip 3" you'd be -3 to Judo, and weapons don't have a "grip" at all (like grappling with paws, no fingers) so maybe Armed Grapples should have another -4?

Originally Posted by DouglasCole View Post
I tend to be wary-in-theory of cross-over like this, but since "Judo Throw defaults to Axe" and "Judo Throw defaults to Shield" have both appeared on my character sheets in the past, the Technique Adaptation methodology seems appropriate. The only hesitation is that making and breaking grapples is a "core skill" thing, but since you're only attacking to shed a grapple, not make one, well . . . it'll do.
I remember core skills were banned for Technique Mastery, but not for Technique Adaptation. You can't have "Karate Punch defaults to Judo" ?
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