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Default Re: Thoughts on building/executing Technical grappling scenerio with Tentacles.

Originally Posted by Jaware View Post
But I don't use vanilla grappling.

I use technical grappling.

And Control points are based on St.

Meaning those St 4 or 5 Tentacles will be the literal weakest grab possible. and therefore super easy to break free.
You can use them with Constriction Attack, doubling their CP. That could cost just an extra 5 points, see Technical Grappling p. 27.
Another thing to consider is go for the special effect over the mechanics.
Born Biter for a larger mouth could be from mouth tentacles instead of a larger jaw. So Constriction Attack + Born Biter + Extra ST mouth Only.
If the tentacles are only used for biting you could skip the Extra Arms and have an economical but powerful attack.
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