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Default Re: [Thaumatology] Real world magical traditions

Originally Posted by Opellulo View Post
I don't know if this is a bit OT but in a "Real World" setting I always found interesting the "old woman" magic path. You know: the strange old lady in the complex from where all the other women seek advice; it's fashinating how tarot, kitchen witchcraft, generic superstitions, catholic dogmas and tv shows mix in a own coherent form. In Italy that kind of figure it's quite common, some are nice old ladies, other are profiteers that end up charged with fraud.

I used this concept only for a NPC in a detective campaign long time ago but it could work well for a fully (abeit smaller) magic tradition.
In my humble opinion, most of those women have some combination of Fortune Telling, Pharmacy (Herbal)*, and Physician (Optional Specialty: Women's Health)*. Oracle and Esoteric Medicine would fit some non-fraudulant depictions.

*Both no higher than TL 4.

A Path for them should include rituals from Luck, Health, and Protection, if you wanted to go that route.
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