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Rick Loomis Memorial Room.

Connections: Could be connected to any long hall, exit to the outside and crazy caves if you survive.

This is a 60 foot long and 21 foot wide room with a 30' tall ceiling. The PCs enter from the long end. A wizard sits behind a desk at the far end of the room. He has a long beard and a pointy hat covered with stars and moons. The room is dimly lit by the wizard's staff. There is a sign on the desk. It can be read with a Perception roll at -5. It says, "Hi, I'm a seventeenth level wizard." No exit is apparent. Danger Sense will suggest that the room is very dangerous. If the PCs walk halfway into the room they will be able to read the sign at no penalty. If the PCs cross the 21 feet mark, the floor begins to tip downwards. The pivot point is at the 21 foot point but the tilting is caused by sand running out of a reservoir under the room and cannot be stopped without breaking through the two foot thick stone floor in some way. The wizard's desk is on a six foot shelf at the end of the room. The wall above the entrance is open and contains a herd of 100 Buffalo which will charge into the room towards the portal which opens up in the wall beneath the wizard's desk. Beyond the portal is a pasture and watering hole at the bottom of a 210 foot deep chasm.

In order to survive, the stampede the PCs must be able to fly or kill three buffalo to form a break against the tide.

St 25
DX 10
IQ 4
HT 10

DR 2, Head DR 6

Should they manage to approach the wizard, he is bored and friendly but not particularly helpful. He will mostly complain about the management and wages and working conditions. If attacked he is a formidable opponent.

St 8
DX 11
IQ 15
HT 9

Magical Aptitude 4

Staff -14

Take That You Fiend (1d Lightning Bolt) - 21
Hell Bomb Blast (12d Explosive Fire Ball) - 17
Nighty Night (Sleep) - 17
Oh There It Is (Seeker) - 17
Blow Me To... (Teleport) - 17

He knows many other spells but probably won't use them. His deluxe magic staff contains a 50 point power stone and is enchanted with Pusiance +5
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