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Crush Room
Level: 1
  • Initially, the floor is coated with a thick grainy brown liquid that appears to be mushroom gravy. -3 to any acrobatics or other fancy maneuvers that require traction.
  • Plant aspected mana - Nature's strength and plant spells at +2
  • The roof over the corridor before both entrances is a 5' wide block of stone than can plummet to the floor, but this is very well concealed - traps is at -7 to detect it.
  • Secret doors in the approaching corridors (-6 to detect).

This is a simple stone room, 30' by 30', with arched entries to the north and south. If someone enters from one arch and gets within 2 yards of the other one, the stone blocks in the corridors outside plummet down, blocking both exits and doing 8d crushing (+2d/rnd after) to anyone standing under them. (Dodging, diving, and partially successful versions of both are possible, if one is alert.)

The round after the trap activates, the brown liquid on the floor begins to gather together into four mounds, two flanking each door. Each round, roll 6d "regrowing dice" and add it to the "HP" of each mound - when they reach 100HP they become fully functional and terribly hostile Crushrooms. This can be delayed by attacking the mounds (no defenses aside from homogeneousness). If a crushroom is slain it slumps down into a pile of gravy with 30HP already accumulated and starts re-forming from there.

This can be slowed by cold-based damage (every 10 pts to a crushroom will remove 1d from it's regrowing dice for the next minute), or actually stopped by fire or acid damage (as cold above, but reduction is permanent).

The hostile crushrooms will dissolve if there are no living targets left in the room.

Anyone who attempts to consume the mushroom gravy takes 1d6 toxic damage per round of eating (HT-2 for 1/2), and must roll HT - (number or rounds of eating so far) or experience vivid mushroom hallucinations, but also absorbs some of the crushroom's power - +1d ST, and the nearest crushroom's regrowing dice are reduced by 1.

Two rounds after the trap activates the east and west walls begin moving towards the center of the room, at a speed of 1' per round. Anyone left in the room when the walls would meet 15 seconds later will take 2d crushing per round for the next full minute. Flexible DR will not protect. (If it gets to this point, the Crushrooms slump back into gravy.)

The walls are 1' thick stone. Smashing through them with magic or raw might gives access to the machinery (below). Pushing back on them slows them 1" per round per 20 lbs of basic lift applied, but this requires traction and if the crushrooms are not active the floor will probably be covered in gravy. Bracing feet to shoulders (when the walls get close) makes you doubly effective (apply slowdown to both walls) and ignores gravy problems, but costs 1 FP/minute to hold. Bracing the walls with solid timbers etc is possible, assuming the PCs have some, but the bracing materials will take 2d crushing per round from a combination of pressure and magic. This also applies to spikes etc. used to wedge the walls open.

A locked secret door (-6 to detect, -5 to pick once detected) in the north hall leads to the west machinery room. A similar door in the south hall leads to the east machinery room. Anyone mechanically savvy (dwarf, thief, or traps skill) can turn off the wall trap from either of these rooms in 3 seconds. Raising the blocks in the entries is harder to figure out (same folks as above, but IQ-4 or traps roll required) and takes 15 seconds. An even harder roll (additional -2, but add any magery) or thorough magical investigation allows delvers to track down the motive power behind the trap, a small metal gear engraved with a crush rune. An IQ+magery roll allows anyone holding this gear to stare at someone within (their will) yards and inflict 2d crushing to their skull per round, as a concentration maneuver, for up to 10 seconds per day. The target, if it can see you, can reduce the damage by the MOS they achieve on a will roll of their own, but this is also a concentration maneuver. Skull/helmet DR also applies.

If the crush runes are removed from the dungeon they dissolve and magically reappear inside of this trap.

The eastern machinery room has a narrow spiral ramp (roughly 2' around) leading down, lightly greased with mushroom gravy. Anyone climbing UP this ramp will discover a Crushroom at the top by the time they get there.

Connections -
  • North to Maintenance Tunnels Of The Sewer Of The Lost City Of The Dead
  • South to TBD
  • Down to TBD on level 2.

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