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Maintenance Tunnels Of The Sewer Of The Lost City Of The Dead
Level: 1

Sanctity: Death (Divine Necromantic spells are at +5, Healing spells at -5)
Mana: Average to Low. Most main tunnels are Average, as are basements and storerooms that lead outside, enclosed storerooms and basements are Low.
Nature: -1
Lower Purpose: 0

These damp maintenance tunnels used to connect the under streets and the storm tunnels to the upper sewers of The Lost City Of The Dead. Most tunnels are partially flooded to a few feet depths, making some hazards harder to see (additional -3 to Vision to spot underwater hazards), most rooms are a step up from the tunnels and are 'dryish'. There are bronze plaques marked in the shorthand of the ancient lost tongue of the long dead people who built The Lost City Of The Dead. These plaques used to designate directions, corridor numbers, important buildings, and such... now as the tunnels themselves have been disarrayed when the God of Death moved the sewers here, they are largely useless for their former purpose, even if there were a Sage who could translate them (of course every Sage worth their pay knows the ancient language of The Lost City Of The Dead). However, a delver can make an IQ roll at -2 (+3 with Absolute Direction) to memorize them and thus be able to find their way around easily once they know the majority of junction corridors. It's not like the tunnels are still being rearranged after all...

Still, these tunnels do connect to basements, storerooms, and the upper sewers and storm drains. It's said some of the twisty corridors even still lead to The Lost City Of The Dead, but most actually lead to broken open basements and collapsed storerooms that lead into the lands above, or the Stair rooms to the Storm Tunnels below.

Wandering Damage Chart: roll 1d, 1-3 Nothing, 4-6 roll again below
1-3: Hunting Monster
4-6: Random Damage

Nothing: Self explanatory.
Hunting Monsters, roll 1d: (1-2) The terror birds (or whatever has taken up residence) from Terror Bird Junction can sometimes be encountered here as they travel to and fro to hunt outside. Also (3) Rats of Unusual Size (1d+2 rats), (4) young slorn[1], (5) Giant Insects of the Appropriate Type (solo or swarming), and (6) goo can be found hunting and wandering in these tunnels.
Random Damage, roll 1d: (1) Partial tunnel collapse, the ceiling/floor gives way dropping a few stones from above or creating foot sized pits in the floor, everyone Dodge (at ‑2 without Danger Sense), or take 1d damage to foot or head; (2) an old trap goes off, the unluckiest delver (roll randomly, reroll Lucky delvers once, unless everyone is Lucky) takes a barrage of 2d darts (1d-3 impaling each) from somewhere off down the corridor due to a trap triggering on it's own; (3) a slime drips from above or seeps up from cracks in the flooring, Vision -5 to notice before it's too late; (4) total tunnel collapse, everyone Dodge (at ‑2 without Danger Sense) or take (1-3) 6d damage from falling stones or (4-6) 1d+3 damage falling into a pit/room/tunnel below (GM's choice), (5) an old trap, it's harmless unless someone tries to disarm it (-5 to Traps), any failure sets it off; and lastly (6) they find they've wound around back to some area they already been in, but the tunnels they were in should not have been able to lead them here, this is a subtle space warping effect left over from when the God of Death moved the sewers, there is no way to resist it, or stop it, it just happens.

[1] Young Slorn. SM 0; ST 15; HP 20; Bite (13): 1d+3 cutting + follow-up 1d burning Reach C; Flame Breath (13): 1d+1 burning. Treat as a jet spell (Spells, p. 12) with reach C-2; all other traits are identical to Slorn.

Denizen Rooms

The Ancient Guardhouse
Mana: Low
A large circular (200 feet diameter) room that stretches four stores above the outside ground and three stories deep (the entrance from the sewer is on 'floor 2' and is about 12 feet from the bottom of the tower, the entire bottom floor is filled with water). All other entrances have been long bricked in, though there are crevice windows in the upper floors. There used to be flooring on floors 2, 3, and 4, though they are long rotted out and collapsed in the centers. What once was a series of wooden ladders from floor to floor have since rotted away, and the trap doors are all gone. The upper three floors are still mostly intact and have several bronze chests (long corroded shut, Forced Entry at -3 to burst open) housing bronze weapons, armor, rations, and potions. Most of the weapons are cheap (old, corroded, and rotted), though there is one chest 'full' of enchanted bronze headed arrows. The leather and bronze scale armor in the armoires is rotten and corroded (and Molded), the rations are long past their use by date and completely corrupted with Mold (anyone eating the rations immediately makes Mold checks at an additional -4). Most of the potions are likewise off, foul and cloudy, but several are still clear and of a good color.

This guardhouse used to house guards (imagine that!), but now houses their skeletal remains... and the Brown and Green Mold that has infested them. It's infested basically everything in the tower, for every minute in the tower check against both Brown Mold and Green Mold. If they make the mistake of fighting something in the tower, or they critically fail a movement roll (Climbing, Jumping, Acrobatics, etc) getting from floor to floor (or critically fail a Forced Entry), the room they are in becomes heavily clouded with mold spores, check every second a delver is unfortunate enough to be in that room. The spores will take hours to settle...

The Slorn Nest
Mana: Low
This hot, damp, doorless storeroom is near to a tunnel that slopes up into a mostly collapsed tunnel leading outside (the tunnel becomes tight for any creature greater than SM -1, Escape -2 per higher SM). Anyone slipping outside will see that something (the mother Slorn [2]) has been digging at the outside, trying to clear the tunnel. The storeroom itself is filled with wet moldering, fungus covered wooden crates that have been smashed and piled into a nest. In the nest, a clutch of twelve slorn eggs. If the delvers take the eggs the mother Slorn becomes the next 'non-Nothing' Wandering Damage Chart result they encounter, and all rolls are at +1 until she is encountered.

If they leave the eggs, within a few weeks the slorn will hatch. Increase the occurrence of Young Slorn on Wandering Damage Charts for 4 weeks, or until 8 of them have been killed in this way.

Note: The heat in the room is from the rotting wood, slorn excrement, and toadstools. Do not eat the toadstools, they're growing in slorn poop.

[2] Momma Slorn: as Slorn except Berserk.

Giant Insect Hive of the Appropriate Type
Sanctity: Animal, Healing, Plant +5, Necromancy -5.
Nature: +3
Mana: Normal
This was once a temple dedicated to an agricultural god of The Lost City Of The Dead, but now it's the hive of whatever Giant Insect is most appropriate to infest the lands the dungeon is in. The top of the pyramidal temple has openings that the Giant Insects use, and that is primarily how they come and go. However at least three maintenance tunnels connect up to this chamber from below. Should all the Giant Insects be killed, another hive will come and take up residence within a few weeks, as the draw of the ancient Grain God is strong. If the delvers can kill all the Giant Insects, clear all the insect bits and resinous wall coatings, they can then consecrate (Religious Ritual -3, 6 hours for the ritual, 12 man hours to scrape enough the bug goop off the walls) the temple to their deities and end the draw of the Giant Insects of Appropriate Types. During the entire ritual double the checks on the Wandering Damage Chart and give all such attacking monsters Lower Purpose +3 as the God of the Underworld does not like this act! Doing so restores the temple to Normal Sanctity and Nature's Strength to -3. Conversely, the delvers can Exorcise the temple (1 hour, Exorcism +2, 12 man hours to scrape away bug goop) and render it identical to the Sanctity and Nature's Strength of the rest of the tunnels. There will be no Wandering Damage rolls during this time and rolls on the Chart are at -2 for the rest of the session (or one full day if they make it an extended stay).

Circular Stairs Down
These rooms (6 in total) have old wooden doors that were covered in hammered bronze plates, while the wood hasn't held up, the bronze shells have. As such they are easier to force open (Forced Entry +3). The locks are of an ancient and simple design making them easier to pick (Lockpicking +5), if they aren't too corroded (1-4 too corroded, 5-6 still workable). Inside are wide spiral stairs that go down into the Storm Tunnels below...

Portals to The Lost City Of The Dead
Several rooms (The Temple Giant Insect Hive of the Appropriate Type and The Ancient Guardhouse certainly, though there may be others) still look out onto the Lost City Of the Dead on special nights consecrated to the ancient Gods of The Lost City Of The Dead. Gate magic can detect these lingering connections... (but honestly The Lost City Of The Dead is a whole 'nother mega-dungeon so we aren't going to get into it here, but if you want to, I won't dissuade you).

Connections -
  • West to Terror Bird Junction
  • East to (TBD)
  • North connects to whatever is also North of Terror Bird Junction.
  • South to (TBD)
  • Down stairs into the Storm Tunnels
  • Several collapsed rooms and tunnels that have openings up to the outside

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