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Terror Bird Junction
Level: 1

Glowing moss lighting: -4 vision, but restricted to 1d+4 yards
Entirely bad terrain
Nature's Strength: +2
Sanctity to God of the Underworld: +2
Lower Purpose +3

Four corridors come in from the cardinal directions into a large, roughly circular cavern about 20 yards in diameter. There are many stalagmites, stalactites, and hanging sheets of glowing oozy moss (light enough for -4 vision) restricting sight lines to 1d+4 yards in any direction. The floor is irregular and is coated with a slurry of decaying offal and animal waste, making it bad terrain in addition to being a serious risk of infection.

Three adult terror birds, as well as their six chicks (who will fight as unarmed dinomen, but only if cornered), have their lair in a large filthy nest in this area. Despite the ambient filth, their plumage is radiant, and they have long ago memorized every square foot of the cave, making it fine terrain for them. They will attempt to use their superior knowledge of the area to hit any intruders from multiple directions at once.

The nest contains many shiny gew-gaws of modest value - 15 lbs, $20/lb.

If the terror birds are killed, slorn will move in 1 day later. Then puddings. Then dinomen hordes. Then horde zombies. This place is sacred to the Underworld and never stays empty long. Whatever occupies it benefits from Lower Purpose 3. (As higher purpose, but benefits those fighting delvers.)

Connections -
  • South to the The Pit of Death, But Also Riches and Glory
  • North to (TBD)
  • East to Maintenance Tunnels Of The Sewer Of The Lost City Of The Dead
  • West to (TBD)

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